Teachers' Testimonials


Cocin Staff Children School, Gindiri

I would like to start by giving God the glory and to appreciate the Lillo family and Mr. Gupar Danjuma Hosea for their tremendous impact in the lives of our pupils in the aspect of reading.

Before the introduction of The Phonics Reading Adventure in the school, our pupils found it very difficult to recognize and identify their alphabet letter names, say their sounds and even to pronounce words and read simple sentences. But today, even nursery three (3) pupils can read three and four letter words respectively. With this, it is a great improvement to the school. The parents are so thankful for the impact of the program as they see their little children reading.

We appreciate the Companion Readers. We pray parents would be willing to buy the workbooks for their children for active involvement in the classroom. These will further make the program very effective.
Mrs. Deltihim Chorbe, Phonics teacher

Orkar Christian Academy

  1. This is one of the best things that ever happened to the reading culture in our Nigeria.
  2. I commend the facilitator tremendously.
  3. This workshop should be conducted for all Benue English teachers.
  4. Effort should be made by the State government to purchase all the workshop materials for her primary and post-primary schools.
  5. This gospel about TPRA should not be allowed to die.

Mrs. S. M. Takur, Visitor and Former Director of Education for Benue State

  1. I feel that, when next they are to organize a workshop especially on phonics, they should schedule more time like a whole week or 3 or 4 days.
  2. The presenter should also involve the participants in whatever they are to teach as Mr. Hosea did this time.

Akesa Florence, Head Teacher

  1. I highly appreciate the facilitators of all on their effort to impact knowledge to us.
  2. It is the first in kind to learn and understand much on how to start to teach learners from the beginning to the higher points.
  3. Relationship at the workshop is excellent.

I suggest that this kind of work should henceforth be able to be organized at least once in every session of the school calendar year.


Gupar Danjuma Hosea

In 2016 I tutored a teenage boy using TPRA materials. Victor, 17 years old, was said to be in senior secondary school year 2 (SSS 2) and would soon be graduating from secondary school. As of the time I met him, Victor could not recognize all the 26 alphabet letters, could not say the sounds and blend, and could hardly express himself in English Language. He was despondent; his parents had almost given up on him. But before the end of one month of tutoring, he was able to recognize and identify the 26 alphabet letters, he could say their sounds and begin to blend 2-3 letter words and read some of the companion readers. Today, he reads the Bible and leads morning devotions, can express himself in English and is doing well at school.

Cornerstone Academy

Cornerstone Orphanage has been using TPRA materials for the past 2 years. I was very pleased with the result of using the materials. All the children in primary 1 could read almost all the companion readers and other books after teaching them to read using the TPRA materials for 1 year. The teachers in the school were very excited when Hosea visited the school on 3/5/17 and said, "using TPRA materials is a blessing and a great inspiration to our work. This is because children are always excited whenever it is time for Phonics."

Anne-Karine, Coordinator

Salvation Nursery/Primary school, Shendam (southern zone of Plateau State).
The coming of TPRA in the southern zone was last year May 2016. After a little while, children in Nursery Three began to blend 2-3 letter words. Prior to this, many children in Primary 3-5 could not read. With the result, the teacher met the head teacher and informed him of the progress made so far. That led to the decision of the school to adopt the TPRA materials and to fully implement it in the school. Before the term ended, parents were impressed with the result, as children could begin to read. Some thought the children were just cramming (reading through rote learning) but to their surprise, they blended the sounds and read. As a result, a parent who was so excited about the performance of his child went and paid the child's school fees, saying, 'I will strive hard to pay for my child's fees no matter what it takes because he can read'. The news of the impact of TPRA in this school spurred other neighboring schools to also key into the program which led to over ten (10) schools in the southern zone (three different LGAs) to adopt the materials. God willing, by September 2017 all those schools would start using the materials fully.