Training and Seminars

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A Seminar/workshop gives an overview of TPRA and literacy skills. Training involves more intensive interaction with TPRA materials and literacy skills over two or three days.

Most seminars/trainings pictured below were given in 2018/19 to schools in the Jos area. However, Hosea has presented also in places like Kuru, Mangu, Gindiri, and also Kanke and Shendam.

Hosea likes to begin his trainings asking the participants a question such as: 'How did you learn reading?'

He is using the red TPRA Introductory teachers' manual to develop the trainees' understanding of literacy.

Hosea is demonstrating the use of flash cards to teach the alphabet.

In this picture Hosea is showing how to use a chart to teach the letters and their sounds.

Hosea is demonstrating how to read a story book to children.

Hosea is using a chart to teach the blending of two letter sounds.

The teachers are involved in using manipulatives during an activity.

Hosea travelled to a school in Kanke LGA to give two days of training to appreciative educators.

Recently Hosea was given a half hour to introduce TPRA and literacy concepts to about 100 proprietors of elementary schools on the Jos Plateau.

Hosea has even travelled off the Jos Plateau to provide workshops.

At the beginning of January 2019, several teachers enjoyed interaction with Hosea at a workshop in Abuja.

In February 2019, thirty teachers representing twelve schools attended a workshop in Lagos.

Hosea volunteers his time.

One of Hosea's passions is to encourage every College of Education to provide their students with literacy skills training in preparation for their teaching practice. He has designed a course titled "An Introduction to Literacy in the Early Grades". As a pilot project he is volunteering his time to provide this 1 hour per week program for four months, April to the end of August at a local college.

Here Hosea is at an IDP camp teaching literacy skills to the children and reading them some Companion Readers!